The country of bulls and festivals



Many cliches about Spain, such as the flamenco and bullfighting, originate in Andalusia:

Music and dance
Andalusia is the cradle of flamenco music. The exact origination history is not known, but it is believed that gypsy music became a base mixed with Indian, Christian, Jewish and Moorish influences.

Sports and Games
Andalusia is also the bullring of bullfighting. Although this cultural tradition is threatened by protests from animal rights organizations, it remains immensely popular in Andalusia. The bulls are specially bred for courage and fighting pleasure. Famous arenas are located in Seville (Maestranza Arena), Ronda and Córdoba.

Iberian horses
Andalucia is famous for horse lovers for the breeding of horse breed as the Andalusians and Lusitano, which are deeply rooted in the Berber and over the centuries have influenced the breeding of many other European baroque breeds such as the Lipizzaner, the Kladruber And the Frisian.

Religious festivals
One of the religious foundations is Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud in Córdoba.